3 Reasons Why Retail Stores Invest in a Wall Mounted Charging Station

We live in an age where virtually every aspect of our lives is managed by mobile technology. From booking work appointments to communicating with your doctor, to doing research and price-checking when you shop, to communicating with friends and family on Facebook, our mobile devices make life easier. Therefore, when our mobile phones and tablets are low on battery life, we naturally get agitated and desperate for a place to charge our devices.
With the need to always have a good charge on our phones, and given the fact that people use their mobile devices to shop and make purchasing decisions, it is highly advantageous for retail stores to invest in a custom wall mounted charging station for cell phones and other mobile devices. This article will go into more detail about the various ways a wall mounted charging station can help retail stores increase their sales and attract more customers.

  1. A Wall Mounted Charging Station Keeps Floor Space Open

Before we delve into the reasons that relate to direct sales, let’s first examine this question: why buy a wall mounted charging station as opposed to a standing one or charging table? Simply put, having a retail space with a spacious feeling keeps customers in stores longer; they don’t feel like they are being suffocated from a lack of space. So moving a cell phone charging station from the floor to the wall will keep your floor’s real estate clear, and still provide for a cerat customer experience. This is why the multi-device wall mounted charging station is so popular in the retail setting.

  1. A Customized Wall Mounted Charging Station Increases Sales Via Direct Marketing

Savvy businesses will partner with commercial cell phone charging station companies that can design a wall mounted charging station with custom software that markets to those who charge their devices. You can display in-store specials, advertise new products, and reveal a CTA that touches on buyer pain points that motivates them to make a purchase. 

  1. Learn More About Customers to Improve Marketing

We talked about how a wall mounted charging station can display ads to customers. They can also collect valuable data on your customers, for free, and use the information to increase audience targeting strategies for marketing. Some wall mounted charging stations can engage your customers with fun surveys and even display an app that’s a game for killing time, but that is designed in a way to capture information on customers. Want to know what motivates people to invest in your products and services but you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars every quarter to have some data company collect the information? A wall mounted charging station will delight customers, increase foot traffic, and gather information from them that can be used to help your company hit its high revenue sales.
Contact a custom cell phone charging station company today, and discover the solutions that can help you hit your sales goals, year after year.