Before you enter a contest on Facebook, please consider the following:

Although it was not so common before for competitions to be held within social networking platforms, this has now changed. Many companies, regardless of their industry, have begun to implement this type of strategy within their profiles. For example, one of the areas that started to get involved in this world of contests has been health. Where various clinics that are dedicated to offering the service of gastric sleeve in Tijuana Mexico perform this type of action so that a lucky person wins a discount or even a free surgery.
However, before a company chooses this strategy, it must take into account precise specifications, which will be necessary for the tender to be carried out without any problem.
Pay attention to the Facebook rules
You can’t start a contest if the companies don’t know the limitations they have, that’s why before starting to plan this kind of action, it is necessary to have a previous investigation about what can or can’t be done within this social network.
It is entirely the responsibility of the company to contest
First of all, the application cannot be held responsible for what a company is doing, in this case, a contest. So, if in the course or the development of this strategy, there are problems, we cannot blame Facebook since it is only the means, not the responsible.
Do not ask for connections to win the contest
To better understand this point, I will explain it as follows: In the past, it was widespread for contests to label friends of the contestant so that they would have a better chance of winning the competition. Currently, Facebook prohibits this, so companies or contest managers should not ask participants to tag their friends or have them add the post to their profiles.
Knowing what is allowed
Some specifications that the contest managers can ask are:

  • Give like to the publication
  • Comment on the publication
  • Vote for the commentary
  • Send a message to the page that is running the contest

What is NOT allowed

  • Ask them to share the publication
  • Tagging friends
  • Share the post within the profiles of the interested friends

For there to be higher interest on the part of the public to participate in the competition that is being offered, it is essential to think specifically about the dynamics that the interested should carry out. It’s not just a matter of asking users for a  like or things like that, let them entertain themselves and do creative things to win the contest. Because when you captivate the audience with the prize you offer, they will look for ways to get it, so you need to look for more dynamic and creative methods.
For the competition to have a more significant impact, companies can make agreements with other companies. For example, if a plastic surgeon is involved, he may partner with a dentist in Tijuana to offer the public a more tempting prize. So, if the company is dedicated to tourism, specifically aviation, it can partner with a hotel to put together a package that will be raffled off. And they can ask the users to make a creative dynamic specifying why they want to get the prize.