Creativity, The Key To Marketing

Advertisers believe that creative ideas are an accelerator of any kind of business even for dentists in Tijuana. That recognizes more than 75% of the respondents contacted for the report Advertisers and Creative’s talking about Business. This report has been recently published and it analyzes the details of the relationship between the first in order to make the business grow and, with it, the benefits.
In an age of abundance and competition, being identified in the market is one of the biggest challenges that companies have. In a society, increasingly modeled by digital development, capturing attention is key. Digitization multiplied exponentially the number of channels that connected companies with their consumers and fragmented audiences. In this environment, companies have to resort to creative ideas to stand out from their competitors and be identified by their clients.
Traditionally, companies have collaborated with advertising agencies, providing them with appropriate messages to promote their products and services. Now, in a more complex environment, this collaboration must not only be maintained but, if possible, be closer; integrating creativity into the global business strategy and fostering the existence of a creative culture within companies.
But this goes to consolidate the relationship between companies and creatives, as can be seen from the fact that 32.1% of the advertisers surveyed claim their creative agencies more knowledge of the business, while 26.6% of the agencies put the emphasis in the need to improve the relationship between both.
Paradoxically, those who are responsible for appearing positively the benefit line of the profit and loss account usually stay out of marketing decisions. Some decisions in which the creative aspects are critical and that are crucial to achieve the identification of the public and the generation of business. According to the aforementioned survey, when it comes to approving the ideas or campaigns proposed by the creatives, in 56.8% of cases it is the marketing or communication director who is ultimately responsible for the decision and 39.5% are the CEO
The lack of involvement of the main executives in matters so linked to profitability and the future of the company is due, the study notes, to the lack of specific training on their part in the field of communication. This makes them ignore this discipline in favor of others more linked to the operational and financial aspects, which are closer to them.
Precisely, the approach to the managers of the companies communication and creativity is one of the roles before the marketing directors and creatives. The study emphasizes that when working to make communication more effective, it is essential to strengthen relations between advertisers and agencies.
In this sense, it is pertinent to abandon the “client-supplier” relationships and generate a different framework for collaboration. According to the directive of Vodafone Spain, we must abandon the term agency and use the partner. “This relationship of partners is a matter of two and is based on something very simple: deep respect for the experience of the other, mutual empathy and a common goal.”