Do You Want To Analyze Your Competition?

We know that one of the main factors for a company to improve its growth is due to competition. Those companies that do not understand the importance of their competitors tend to generate many problems regarding their growth. That is why it is so important always to analyze the competition because they will be a reflection of what we want to achieve or what we do not want.
To have a better notion about the strategies that other companies are implementing, it is essential to have tools that facilitate the collection of data. So here are some of the programs that will give you an advantage over your competition and a better perception of what they do.
It is one of the preferred tools of the people in charge of SEO and SEM. This is because SEMrush allows us to analyze the pages of our competitors, as well as to search for the domains, positioning, and advertising in which our competitors invest. Therefore, it is an ideal tool that will allow you to monitor keywords, such as the root canal in Tijuana, among others. The device also can control reputation, social networks, and display ads.
If we are talking about analyzing the prices of the competition, this tool is one of the best. It has earned its popularity because it is one of the few software that performs the function of monitoring aspects such as the prices of products or services. It also identifies those companies that sell the same products and can notify when a company has raised or lowered costs.
If you want to know the most suitable keywords to position your website, Spyfu is one of the most friendly tools. The analysis of these words will allow the site to be positioned on those words that the device identified, as well as the words that competitors are using. This way, we will be able to compete directly with those stronger companies.
It is another of our preferred tools, and with the use of this system, it is possible to track the traffic coming to our website. In this way, it will be much easier to know which channels are attracting the most traffic. SimilarWeb has several versions, as well as a free one, so you can get an idea of how this tool works.
It is a website that has been in the digital market for many years and allows users to know the volume of their pages in different parts of the world. This tool is used to identify the visits that the competitors have, the bounces, the demographic zone with higher volume, among other things. Although Alexa has a free plan, it only has a period of seven days, so, after these days, you will need to pay monthly.
Pi Datametrics
Pi Datametrics is ideal for those production companies since its use allows us to know when the articles are being produced. Also, it will enable to know the tendencies that you have regarding the company’s area, so it will be easier to adapt the message to what people are looking for.
If a company is using email marketing strategies, ISpionage is an excellent option. By using this tool, it is possible to identify those messages or promotions that are more effective, as well as to notify when a competitor company uses this type of strategy.