Get customers with electronic media

If you have a company and you need to increase your profits (who does not) make use of technology if you do not have it create a web page and social networks if you are not good at this, hire an agency. However before starting choose the service you want to promote well, for example, if you are a dentist choose a service to start, as the teeth whitening in Tijuana and focus on it only, so you can better control your strategy and see if you got the desired result. You need your potential clients to find you quickly when they look for you, so you have to remedy them now! Four tips to start: optimize your SEO on-page for the name of your company and its products (in headlines, descriptions, headers), optimize your social profiles, try to get mentions in other sites and check your profile in Google My Business.
All your competition surpasses you in Google. Being the first one is not always possible … but you need at least to be in a competitive place. If you fail to appear on the front page for the terms that interest you, perhaps the time has come to resort to the SEM.
To err is human … but when it comes to the digital marketing of your brand, it can also be expensive. The important thing is not to be infallible, but to detect in time when you have made a mistake and to correct the course before it is too late. How? To begin, you can take a look at these signs that warn you that you need to improve your marketing.
You do not follow a documented marketing strategy. Are you doing marketing based on what seems most appropriate at all times? If so, you have much to gain by stopping to develop a quarterly or annual plan and establishing a series of regular checks to see if you are achieving your goals. I guarantee you that way you will be much more effective.