How to choose the ideal floor for your house

One of the most important decisions to move to Baja Rosarito Realty for property for sale in Baja or build a house is the floor, it is something that is not changed every year, so it must be durable, resistant and a color and style that combine with all the decoration. And, although there are endless options in the market, not all of them fit well in the different spaces. Learn to choose the best one.
First thing’s first
Before you run out to find your flat, answer these questions:
How many people will live at home? Will you have pets? It is not the same that you spend alone in slippers to be the entrance area of ​​the 800 thousand people that you invite to your parties.
Is it for indoor or outdoor? Exposure to moisture is not the same inside as outside, you need to consider certain protections to make it last longer.
How easy is it to clean? Do not become a Cinderella on your floor. There are very good options that do not take more than 10 minutes.
Basic characteristics of all floors
Resistant to bumps, dents and scratches
Low maintenance
Easy cleaning
Choose the best
Marble or quarry
Ideal for: bathroom, dining room, living room and there are some types for outdoor.
Durability: it is a stone that, well sealed, lasts for years in perfect conditions, but if any part is damaged, it is easy to repair or change it.
Cleaning: simple, wash with soap and carve.
Maintenance: must be polished every two years to be as good as new.
Beware of: oils and fats, as they can stain it and it is very difficult to remove.
It suits you if: you want the space to look elegant.
Disadvantage: it is very cold, so it is not recommended in spaces where you want to generate a warm atmosphere.
Ideal for: areas of high traffic, such as the entrance and the kitchen. If it is for outdoor, look for one of rough use.
Durability: it does not break easily because it is made with resins and marble powder.
Cleaning: simple, wash only with water, as abrasives and sponges can scratch the material.
Maintenance: does not require constant, it is resistant to stains.
Beware of: use in bathrooms, it is very likely that you slip out of bathing, you will need a good doily.
It suits you if: you are looking for new designs, with colors and drawings. There are a thousand options
Disadvantage: they are very slippery, especially when wet. It can not be installed by anyone, since its irregular thickness makes the surface of the floor unevenly.
Ideal for: small and humid spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in halls and corridors.
Durability: medium, depends on its quality.
Cleaning: medium, it is necessary to clean it constantly with water and soap or with a floor cleaner.
Maintenance: does not require if it is cleaned constantly.
Beware of: dirt, as it stains easily.
It suits you if: you want to give a rustic and delicate touch to your space.
Disadvantage: they are delicate and if they break can not be repaired, you have to change the whole piece. If you do not choose the right one, they can wear out faster in places with a lot of people or with the weight of objects.
Ideal for: rooms and bedrooms, because it is a warm material and little resistant to constant passage.
Durability: medium, in perfect condition last from 3 to 5 years.
Cleaning: medium, it is necessary to clean it constantly with a dry mop or with a vacuum cleaner. For a deeper cleaning use warm water, a cloth and a cleaner for laminate floors.
Maintenance: every 5 years you have to wax them, because they tend to scrape.
Beware of: the water, if it manages to penetrate between the edges, is unusable.
It suits you if: you want a cheaper option than wood, but with the same finish.
Disadvantage: as they are an imitation of the wood, you can see half fake. They are not easily repaired and if you install it all together, when one is spoiled you will need to change to-do.
Ideal for: studios, rooms and bedrooms, because it is a thermal material, also do not host bugs. It is ideal if you love to go barefoot!
Durability: high, giving it a good maintenance last for years.
Cleaning: simple, clean with water, two cotton cloths, one dry and one wet.
Maintenance: every year, special oils are used.
Beware of: wax and commercial silicones, as they clog the pore of the wood. Eye with the water.
It suits you if: you want your environments to look, feel and live more comfortable and welcoming. It is very important that you hire a professional in the field, as well as verify that the wood is certified.
Disadvantage: can be deadly (for wood) if water falls and do not dry immediately, because it can be completely useless. In case of humidity it is necessary to lift a part to let dry and breathe the wood, around 15 days, and then replace it.