Publicity In The Fashion Industry

Advertising is one of the main elements for a product or service to be known; for a long time, this element has had as its primary objective to reach the target audience to which the brand is directed, this using messages that encourage it to purchase. Although this has been one of the main characteristics of advertising, today the brands seek to make the consumer feel connected to the product, so that it forms a particular root that will make people feel identified with the items. This is through connecting with emotions, lifestyle, and needs.
Due to all the advances that have been made in the communication, people are increasingly informed by what the population ceased to be a passive consumer where they accepted what they offered to be an active customer who participates in the field of marketing by providing more directly their criticisms about the brand. And one of the media par excellence has been the internet, where advertising has had to modify its traditional scheme to adapt to the digital era. The main characteristic of this era is the dynamism that exists so that companies have focused on providing the public with more audiovisual content, this with the objective that the individual remembers products more easily because images tend to have a more significant impact on our brain.
On the other way, the activity on the internet has generated that the public can share the content offered by companies, in this case, fashion.
The fashion industry is definitely one of the areas with the highest social and economic impact, and it could be established as a phenomenon that is continuously growing worldwide. Fashion can be considered as the industry or the sector as the mother of all areas since the excellent marketing and advertising management they have implemented has gradually governed our lives. Since consciously or unconsciously, we are handled by fashion, to the extent that our decisions, our way of expressing ourselves and preferences revolve around it.
To reach the consumer, brands must know precisely what they want and must understand that audiovisual content is linked to areas such as art, film, advertising, and music. Likewise, they must be aware that it is not only to produce content and that is all, but they must comply with certain elements to ensure that the product or service is positioned in the mind of the public.

  1. The productions must follow a visual aesthetic, which has to be respected at all times; this fits the theme presented. Following the parameters of photography and style, to achieve harmony between the different advertising products that are going to be offered.
  2. As for advertising spots or social networks, it is necessary that the video doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes. You should try to get attention in the first thirty seconds so that the information is attractive to the person’s taste.
  3. It is recommended that the information provided by advertising be more sensory than persuasive; with the objective of satisfying these emotional needs.

Advertising in the fashion industry is an essential factor for this area as it makes known the products it offers to the public so that they know more about the brand. For example, the companies that are in charge of providing bridesmaid dresses in San Antonio should make good use of advertising so that people know the product and finally generate a purchase. So advertising should not be considered as a secondary element. Various brands see the importance of this, so they provide the customer with what they need.