Tesla Powerwall Battery: All you Need to Know About It

The Tesla Powerwall Battery is one of the newest innovations in solar power. But what does it mean for homeowners in the Los Angeles and San Diego region? As a key player in Solar Optimum’s Tesla Powerwall system, this battery ensures you will have renewable energy available around the clock, rain or shine. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary advancement in solar power.
Tesla Powerwall Battery: Consistent Power
Complete reliance on grid electricity is what many homeowners would like to distance themselves from. Consistency is key with the success of solar energy. Homeowners wary of this renewable energy source fear losing internet connection during crucial periods and power during unforeseen emergencies. Instances such as inconsistent weather or natural disasters can keep homeowners from relying mostly on their solar power system for renewable energy. With the addition of the battery, excess solar energy can be stored to power homes overnight and during grid electricity outages. 
However, the battery does not need to rely on a full charge to provide homeowners with power. It has the capacity to draw from both grid electricity and its own storage to supply uninterrupted power. This also means that the battery can draw from the grid during off-peak hours throughout the year, guaranteeing maximized savings. 
Maximized Savings
The investment of solar panels can be expensive. But with the correct system set up, extra savings can be earned while environmental impact remains low. Solar power is a great source of renewable energy and the investment can quickly be returned. This battery assists in amplifying the impact solar panels have on general energy costs. The battery has completely off grid capabilities. But it is also grid code compliant and has the ability to work with changing grid rates in order to keep energy costs low all year round. Investment costs of solar energy can be returned at an even faster rate with smart energy load shifting and the potential of complete self-sufficient capabilities.
Modern Features and Design
The design of the Tesla Powerwall battery is sleek and compact. At just 44 inches in length, 29 inches in width, and 5.5 inches in depth, this battery can be placed in a variety of locations. The unit can be mounted outdoors or indoors, on either the floor or wall. This design fits many homes and lifestyles, making renewable solar energy a reality for a variety of homeowners. Energy efficiency and compact design operate simultaneously through this solar power system.
Improved Energy Efficiency
The storage capacity of Tesla Battery paired with Solar Optimum’s excellent solar services can provide greener, more self-sufficient energy to homeowners and businesses. Solar power has proven to be more than capable when providing large quantities of energy. Combining the high energy return of solar power with a system that maximizes obtained power will ensure no energy gained is wasted. Investing in an state-of-the-art solar power system can quickly lower environmental impact and return investment costs. Contact us today to learn more about lowering the carbon footprint of your home or business through solar energy.