What to Look for in Sourcing the Best Printing Packaging Companies

If you are a large organization with a real need to source a better printing packaging company for your retail products, then you have likely experienced bad service from your current commercial printing company. Every year organizations lose millions in revenue when their printing packaging companies create printing packaging errors such as wrong barcodes or incomplete product descriptions. Retailers also lose valuable relationships with department stores when printing packaging companies fail to meet a deadline thus leaving big box store shelves empty. When looking for the best printing packaging companies for retail products, these tips will help you transition away from mediocre printers to an ace company that can deliver on time, with flawless high quality.
The Best Packaging Printing Companies Deliver On Time
When looking to outsource tasks to another packaging printing company with the goal to eventually hand off all jobs, be sure to delve into their process for delivering on time. Go deep into the weeds and look at past jobs they have done from structural engineering for packaging, to product photography, proofing, and printing. You will also want to look at jobs where the product packaging was already created and housed overseas. For example, the best printing packaging companies outsource to China to save their customers money; if a packaging client is using plastic PET packaging or ribig gift boxes sourced from overseas, look at the process in getting the product packaged, shipped, and delivered to the destination. See what their process is for ensuring all deadlines are met and what types of quality control steps are taken to ensure this.
Look for Product Packaging Companies with Creative Teams
If you require product photography and graphics to enhance the appeal of your products and convey your brand’s identity, then make sure the packaging printing company has a staff of creatives. These are teams of product photographers, graphic designers, and packaging structural engineers. Avoid outsourcing work to packaging printing companies that take photos of items placed on tables only to be tweaked in Photoshop or some other form of editing software. These images look cheap and therefore they make your products look inferior next to competitor merchandise with crisp, modern high-quality packaging design.
Can the Packaging Printing Company Fulfill Special Requests for a Niche?
Creative printing packaging companies for retail goods don’t just create stunning boxes with clean imagery; they also take careful thought into the packaging materials to make sure everything about the presentation and production reflects the company’s mission and ethos. For example, sustainable packaging is a highly desired type of packaging for organizations that promote green living. In this case not only is the product packaging itself made with recycled materials, but manufactured under the canopy of a strategy that takes output, time, communication, and other fine points into account that play into a sustainable experience. Make sure your printing packaging company goes the extra mile in fulfilling your directions. Any company that runs by a mediocre book will likely reflect this in their overall quality.