Why 3D Mapping Will Make Your Staged Event Unforgettable

Imagine you are entering a convention center to witness a product launch show. You anticipate a long, drawn out dull speech and head-splitting white fluorescent lights. But instead you hear the tranquil sound of waves crashing against rocks. Curious, you enter the auditorium and a refreshing sea breeze with the sound of seagulls greets you, and opens your senses to high alert. You look around the room and you are surrounded by ocean; the waves are crashing against one wall, and palms are blowing in the breeze on another. Now the convention feels like a serene escape to a tropical paradise, and once you find your seat you will be sitting on its edge in great anticipation waiting to see how the new jet ski line fits into the amazing 3D mapping environment you sit immersed in.
What is 3D Mapping?
3D Mapping, also known as projection mapping, utilizes technology to project images onto a surface. 3D mapping projects can be as simple as an indoor stage design for a Bar Mitzvah, or as complex as casting timed moving images on buildings and landscapes with light shows. Events that utilize 3D mapping projection technology do so to escape having to use flat screen projecting. There are a number of reasons why you will want to find a top stage design company offering 3D mapping for big events, and here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.
3D Mapping Creates Interactive Environments
Multiple studies show that when a consumer feels like they are part of a product’s story, the conversion rate into a paying customer is significantly higher. After all, this is the closest thing to the “try it before you buy it” experience. And when you have an audience at your stage with the media present and cameras rolling, make the most of your opportunity and use projection technology like 3D mapping to take them out of their seats, and into your product’s natural environment.
3D Mapping Breathes Life Into Ordinary Objects
Imagine the speaker is interviewing some industry gurus on a sofa, and suddenly the sofa comes to life. It might become a monster, or a beating heart, and a bird in flight. In his 1997 Earthling tour, David Bowie stunned audience members with the 3d mapping technology that brought egg-shaped objects to life; self-images of the artist with contorted features that engaged with the music, and the performer. Whether you are planning a product release, a fashion show, or a corporate event, 3D mapping can add an artistic and theatrical element to your stage design that will likely rival anything your audience has ever seen.
3D Mapping Inspires People
Events that use 3D mapping projection technology create an abundance of inspiration. Imagine the speaker’s shadow coming to life and engaging with the product while he continues speaking as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Imagine a giant wave coming, and the shadow hits the jet ski into high gear, charges the wave at an angle, and catches air coming down with a big splash. The audience will see the product’s power and appeal, and they will likely be inspired to dash to the kiosk and order one.