Choosing the best server for a cosmetic surgery site

Unlike what many people think, a successful website can depend a lot on the content management system it has. That’s why it’s so vital that you take this element into account when you want to create a page or a blog. Thanks to the fact that we live in the digital world, there are many offers from companies that promise to be the best CMS. Still, it is essential to analyze each one of them to know which one to choose.

Firstly, we will talk about two of the biggest and most popular companies for the creation of a website, WordPress and Wix. Although they are the most used by people who want to own a website, there are many differences between each in terms of style, handling, and use.

WordPress vs. Wix


Firstly, Wix is more focused on creating web pages. At the same time, WordPress is more dedicated to content management, so the tools between these two options will vary greatly, due to the purpose of each.


Since Wix is more focused on creating websites, the tools it has are quite intuitive, allowing it to be a factor in getting the attention of those who are not very knowledgeable about designing and building a page. This tool or program is often used by those surgeons who are just migrating to these platforms.

On the other hand, there is WordPress, which is usually a system that requires much more experience, so it can be not very easy for a beginner to handle. Also, its use requires the prior installation of software, which will allow you to use their various tools that both characterize WordPress.


Wix is user-friendly, so users can use a variety of graphics and text to quickly and easily customize a website. It allows a choice of different layouts depending on what you want to get, but it is important to check if these are adapted to mobile.

In contrast, WordPress requires more time to customize the site; this can be a significant disadvantage for many, but it allows for more personalized handling of how you want the cosmetic surgery site where the people can find services like botox Tijuana and many others procedures. Another point to note is that it is possible to add various plugins to make it easier to manage and design.


It is at this point that WordPress takes the top prize, since being a management system, allows changes and all modifications can be made manually and depending on the taste of the person. On the other hand, in Wix, it is not possible to make changes in the structure or the codes since they are predetermined; another limitation of this server is that, if more tools are required, it is necessary to contract the Premium package. It is not possible to migrate the site to another server. This is a significant disadvantage when deciding on another system, as everything Wix has done can be lost.


Perhaps at this point, you are wondering why the subject of SEO is touched. Well, most or not all sites that are created seek to be located among the first search results, so it is essential to have a good server that helps the proper optimization. Although with Wix, it is already possible to handle SEO issues. The truth is that many experts in the field have recognized that there are many limitations.

On the other side, with WordPress, it is possible to have better SEO management since they contain resources that are more associated with the parameters of Google regarding web positioning.

As you can see, these two servers provide different advantages. Still, if you want your cosmetic surgery site to be more complete and not only look good visually, the best option is WordPress, especially if you already have experience building a website.